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Terms and Condition

By registering with the Math Kangaroo India, you agree to follow the rules and regulations.

Making a record, purchasing and using digital content, filing a survey, or in any event, reviewing, visiting, or using any intuitive features on our site/application are all examples of using our site or apps.

You permit us to add your email to our website by enrolling. You also permit us to send regular email flyers to the email address you provide. You also permit us to send limited-time messages and SMS to the email address and phone number you provided.

The terms listed below govern how you can use the content on our website/application. This includes any digital content, as well as other items and services ready to be moved on our site/application (collectively referred to as "Content"), that is the protected work of us or our suppliers.

This site/content application may not be copied, republished, duplicated, transferred, posted, communicated, or disseminated in any way.

By purchasing digital content from our site/application, you acknowledge and agree that we will not discount your digital content if you simply:

You didn't understand there were limitations on computerised content use.

Make sure you have the correct framework or software details to access and use your advanced content properly.

Didn't check the prerequisites of your course before buying to guarantee the computerised content matches the necessities of your educational program?

For each test, the website provides the most intense five attempts. The material's distribution and use for educational purposes, as well as for teaching business foundations, are categorically prohibited.

You may not profit from the use of this material, substance, or data, and you may not make additional copies, distribute logins, modify, republish, make available to the public, spread, or communicate any of it, or experience any of it for any commercial purpose without first obtaining our written permission.

If you submit any material for inclusion on this site (including any presenting on any part of this site), you grant us an unrestricted, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, replicate, alter, adjust, make an interpretation of, join, or remember that material and any focuses from it. These rights may be sub-licensed by us.

By purchasing any digital content from us, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your PC, tablet, or smart device meets the minimum system and software requirements for the advanced content to deliver correctly and the required applications to function. If you're not sure, we strongly advise you to try out some of our sample digital content before making a purchase.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue the provision of any digital content, as well as other items and services, at any time. In the case of digital content, depending on the supplier's terms and conditions, it's possible that after you've purchased a specific piece of digital content, you won't be able to buy it again, and a discount won't be possible.

We may occasionally offer limited-time specials and/or unusual offerings that are subject to change and accessibility. Limits and offers apply to recorded digital content, commodities, and rewards, and must be used in accordance with the rules. Limited-time discount coupons can't be combined with other deals and can't be used reflectively. We retain complete authority to withdraw from limited-time constraints and, in addition, unique offers at any time.

Although the site's administrators and moderators will make every effort to keep all problematic messages off the site, it is impossible for us to audit all messages. All messages represent the creator's point of view, and neither Math Kangaroo India nor the message shall be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these terms, you guarantee that you will not submit any messages that are indecent, foul, explicitly arranged, derisive, undermining, or otherwise illegal. By accepting these rules, you agree not to send any messages that are obscene, immoral, explicitly arranged, disparaging, insulting, or otherwise prohibited.

The proprietors of Math Kangaroo India claim complete control over any substance and claim the right to remove, amend, move, or close it at any moment.

A student will not be allowed a second chance if he or she misses the yearly Olympiad Exam or the monthly test for any reason. The student is solely responsible for showing up for the tests and test series on the stipulated dates and times.

If a student fails to attend, his or her annual Olympiad exam and monthly test will not be postponed. There will be no changes to the schedule. There will be no responses to questions about the matter.

In the event of a legal proceeding, all aspects shall be regulated by Indian law, and all disputes and differences occurring between the parties regarding the matter shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi.

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