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  • The competition is a multiple-choice test
  • Students registering through their school will take pen and paper-based test whereas students registering at individual level might be offered the online mode of test.
  • The Contest will be held at the student’s own school (or at Open center for Individual Participants), to be administered by the assigned contact person.
  • The paper contains 30 questions (except for Pre Ecolier and Ecolier papers, which has 24 questions) with 5 choices to each problem.
  • Pre Ecolier-1 and Pre Ecolier-2 students will take the same test paper but will be ranked separately. Same applies for Ecolier-1 & 2; Benjamin-1 & 2; Cadet- 1&2; Junior-1 & 2 and Student-1 & 2.
  • The time allotted is 90 minutes.
  • The maximum score is 96 points for students up to 4th grade, and 120 points for other students.
  • 1 point will be deducted for each incorrect answer, and no penalty for skipping a question.
  • Each participant will receive an answer sheet (OMR Sheet) to record their answer, as well as blank sheets for calculation. All used and unused sheets must be returned to the invigilator or proctor at the end of the contest.
  • Students can bring a pencil or pen, eraser and geometry tools to the Contest.
  • Student will not be allowed to use a calculator during the Contest.
  • The first-round perfect scorer will appear in the second round of competition.

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