How to Manage Your Time During Math Kangaroo Competition?

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How to Manage Your Time During Math Kangaroo Competition?

Most of the time, students after their test or exam wonder ‘wish I had some more time.’ Many of them regret that due to lack of time, they couldn’t answer a particular question. Few others repent for giving too much time on one question and unable to attend another one. Such instances do occur all the time in the lives of all students, right from the primary classes to any competitive exam.

The uncomplicated manner to get acquainted with situations like these is to train the students from an earlier age. It will help them to prepare their mind as per the schedule of the exam and finish their paper effectively. Letting students take part in a higher level of competition like the Math Kangaroo Competition enables them to manage their time efficiently. Competitive exams of high standards not only merely assess their skills and knowledge, but such competitions also tests their pressure handling ability. Proper training can help them to solve their questions in the allotted time as stipulated.

Discussed below are a few strategies which are very relevant to manage your time during the Math Kangaroo Competition:-

1. Taking full benefit of your beginning reading hours: In an exam, the time to read the question paper is equally essential as the exam. Your question paper reading time is as essential as the exam itself. Therefore, taking it for granted would be very dreadful. As you start with your exam allot adequate time to yourself. Read the whole question paper thoroughly. Choose the questions that you want to answer at first. You must be well familiar with the methods of answering the questions. While going through the question paper, in the beginning, distribute the amount of time you will give to every question as per the marks.

2. Understand what you must anticipate ahead of walking into the exam hall: To know the excellent format of Math exams anyone can take the help of technology. The students would be able to save valuable time if you prepare yourself adequately by taking help from existing technological approaches. The students would never face any difficulty in preparing for the Math Kangaroo Competition as the Internet will provide you with a lot of study materials. Preparing for tests as per sample papers helps a candidate to get the real feeling of the exam.

3. Break up your allotted time according to preparation done: You can’t just anticipate completing all the questions before the final bell rings if you use up good 10 minutes of your time on a complicated question. You need to work on a well-devised strategy to make use of your time to maximum effect. To do so, you will have to split the total time into all the questions as per the marks allotted. Candidates or students who perform well in such Math Kangaroo Competition knows that very well. They make their preparations according to this theory and distribute the time in the exam. It would enable them to finish the questions within the amount of predetermined time successfully. If you want to achieve success in such competitions, it is very crucial to act upon this strategy.

4. Leaving out questions shouldn’t create nervousness: Whenever you believe that a particular question may consume more time, do skip it for the time being. You can always attempt it later on. You must answer or solve the easier questions early on and then get back to the tougher ones. There has never been any hard and fast rule that you have to finish your answers according to the questions in order. The answers to questions are to be in any order as long as you put down the correct question number along with the answers you write. Skipping a question while answering the questions shouldn’t a cause of anxiety if you try to solve it later on.

5. Sometimes making a guess can also help save time: Most of the competitions don’t carry out the system of negative markings. Therefore, it would be safer in crunch situations not to leave any questions unanswered. Guessing answering specific objective type questions won’t cause any harm. So, when unsure about any particular question, move forward with a little bit of thinking.

Effectiveness of Time Management

Proper management of time Math Kangaroo Competition is an essential step for making sure of a positive result. The role of time is exceptionally decisive for aspirants in two different ways.

When aspirants get weighed down by the course of the examination, time management helps in proper preparation. Second, it helps during the day of the exam to appropriately utilize the time in hand. It is mostly seen that students assume that they have sufficient time ahead of their examination, but they never could recover the lost time.

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This happens because they are never able to undertake any useful strategy. There are occasions when students having complete command over the syllabus are unable to perform well as they can’t get a sufficient amount of time to finish the questions. Many students even end up giving wrong answers while trying to complete all the answers in the last few minutes.

Management of time plays an important in the whole process of preparing for Math Kangaroo Competition. Any student who recognizes the long-standing implication of the duration of the exam will never have difficulties to come out successful in such competitions. By applying the above-discussed strategies, the tension and stress a student tends to have can be precipitously reduced. It will further help you to calm down while you are giving the examination.


A fundamental cause of students or candidates struggling to manage time during any competitive exam is their anxiety or panic. For the betterment of students, they must try to hold back their anxiety or nervousness in every possible way. And a great way of achieving that is to have some proper sleep before the day of the exam, which can help to calm the mind. Anxiety during exams, panic attacks, and nervousness about results is some main reasons which can make even the most prepared student fall apart.

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