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Tips And Tricks for Math Kangaroo Competition

Understand the Basics

It is very essential to understand the basic concepts before moving onto the next topic. Being comfortable with the topic on hand will help you answer even higher-order questions with ease. Starting ahead of time will allow you to cover all the topics in-depth and would allow you to do better on the test.

Math Kangaroo tests you on all three levels of a topic (foundation, intermediate and Hard). Download the workbook from this site to know more about the questions:

Learn to calculate mentally

Speed is very important in all competitive exams, and you can significantly improve this skill by regularly practicing basic mathematical operations in your head. Memorizing multiplication tables till 12, squares and cube till 10 etc. will help you to solve problems quickly. Since Math Kangaroo is a time bound test, one must ensure that no more than 2.5 minute is spent on a particular question.

Additionally, you can also learn Vedic math tricks to multiply larger numbers and calculating squares or cubes of a large number.

For practice, next time you go grocery shopping, add the prices of each item you pick up and compare it with the final bill.

Spaced Repetition

Our memory decays with time. So trying to recall a topic you did months earlier during your final revision would be much more difficult than to recall the topic you did a week before. So space out your revision to practice a topic sufficient number of times before the final exam and you will find that you will have a very firm grasp of a topic. For egs . the following schedule would help your memory far better:

Day 1: Learn Topic A, solve all examples without looking at the solutions

Day 2: Do all foundation questions, half of the intermediate questions and a quarter of the hard questions. Mark all the questions that you couldn’t solve in the first attempt.

Day 5: Review the concepts associated with the questions that you couldn’t solve the first time and try to solve them again. Do half of the remaining intermediate questions and another quarter of the hard questions. Again, mark all the questions that you couldn’t solve.

Dy 12: Review the concepts associated with the questions that you couldn’t solve the first time and try to solve them again and this time solve all the remaining questions.

Design your schedule according to your preference and style. Interestingly, you can use this method in any other subject and see that your recall and understanding of the topic gets better with time.

Analyse your strengths and Weaknesses

Taking regular unit tests and mock tests will help you analyse the areas that you need to focus more on. After every test see which questions you got wrong and why. If you feel less confident with the concepts review them. If silly mistakes are the problem, see where you made the mistake, was it some calculation or did you misread the question?

At the same time also make sure that you look at those questions where you got the right answer but took more time than necessary.

Visit our website and download free sample paper for practice. Practice and get to know the different types of frequently asked questions from the sample paper.

Stay motivated and stress free

A clear head is the prerequisite for solving any problem. So you must ensure that stay motivated throughout your preparation journey as well. Sleeping regularly for eight hours, eating healthy and nutritious food, spending time with family and friends and taking time off to exercise and participating in your hobby is extremely important to keep your motivation high and stress levels low.

How to Prepare for the Math Kangaroo Competition

To prepare for math kangaroo competition students can join our 6 Weeks (20 Sessions) online classes which will take them through all foundation and advanced concepts. The courses are designed to ensure that the student understand the application of the aid concepts and learn the intuition to approach a never seen before the problem.

With each 90-minute online class, we provide e-books for practice, after-class practice worksheets on each topic, daily quizzes with instant results, mock test and doubt clearing sessions.

Students can also study at their preferred pace utilizing the resources available on our website:

Math Kangaroo Competition Sample Papers

Visit our website and download free sample papers for practice. Practice and get to know the type of frequently asked questions from the sample paper. Use sample paper as a mock test before you appear for the final exam.

How to Manage Your Time During Mathematical Kangaroo competition

The paper contains 30 questions (except for Pre Ecolier and Ecolier papers, which has 24 questions) with 5 choices to each problem and the time allotted is 90 minutes. Before the exam try giving 5-7 mock test so that you can understand as to how to manage time during the exam. Per question should be completed in 2-3 minutes and always attempt the questions which you know very well. In the exam order of questions doesn’t matter, attend question you are confident about, this also helps you to boost your confidence throughout the paper.

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